MKEI Awarded Research Grant


BIG NEWS! We’re thrilled to announce MKEI has earned a Research Grant Award from The Florida Native Plant Society (FNPS)!!! Through this grant, we will work to leverage and supplement existing data resources on Floridian carnivorous plant communities through data mining and field-based surveys. Floridian carnivorous plants represent a hotspot of biodiversity, but, community-level data are infrequently collected by state agencies, in spite of threats to these charismatic species. Our efforts will lead to long-term research collaborations with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (Florida DEP) and the Florida Natural Areas Inventory (FNAI), development of abundance-based community-level data for carnivorous plants across Florida to inform unit management plans, and collaborative presentation of research findings in a peer-reviewed journal, scientific conferences, and a non-academic infographic. Ultimately, the more we can learn, compile and share about Florida’s unique carnivorous plants, the better state management and conservation decisions can be for these communities!

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