7th Annual Mattie Kelly Environmental Symposium

Environmental Institute


Date October 10, 2014
Begins at
Time 9:00am - 3:00pm
Location NWF State College Niceville campus (Map [pdf])
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Delivered by:
Dr. Paul M. Stewart, Troy University

The Sixth Great Extinction Event and Coastal Plain Biodiversity Research

We are entering the sixth great extinction event. The first five dealt major blows to biodiversity on earth due to natural causes. This sixth great extinction event is entirely man-made and has already increased extinction rates to about 1000 times the natural rates. Our future holds dim prospects for existing biodiversity as global biodiversity loss up to 20% is expected by 2020. Major causes appear linked to increased population pressures, global warming, loss of habitat, and overexploitation on a scale never before seen. Changing gears, the Stewart lab has performed biodiversity-related research on a number of aquatic faunal groups in riverine systems draining into Florida in the coastal plains. These include freshwater fish, mussel, and crayfish assemblages, including rare and endangered species. Studies have examined diversity and abundance, distribution, life history, ecological requirements, habitat preferences, age and growth rates, assessment of biological integrity through multi-metric indices, and information on sampling frequency and species richness estimations.

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The symposium is open to the public and geared to scientists, ecologists, conservation groups, city & regional developers, transportation planners, residents & landowners, and students.
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For more information, please contact Paul Wilson at mkei@nwfsc.edu